Buffalo, NY, has a very special place in our hearts. You can say it was destiny that made our paths cross in the land of the Niagara Falls. We both attended the same university and quickly became best of friends. Little did we know that the friendship would morph into love and then into marriage! During our student days in Buffalo, we spent a lot of time together getting to know each other. The chemistry was inevitable.

Yang says he worked pretty hard to impress Yin and move out of the 'just friends' zone! We went to Watkins Glen (NY) in Oct 2010 to celebrate Yang's birthday with a group of friends. We set up a camp fire at night and hung out while trying to stay warm. And then came a magical moment. We saw a shooting star blaze across the sky. Here's Yang's account of what happened at that moment:

"Just before blowing out my birthday candles, I looked up at the sky and spotted a shooting star. I closed my eyes...my feelings were strong...and her face was clear in my mind. For a second I dreamed that my wish had already come true. I snapped out of my moment when I heard my friends laughing. They knew exactly what I was thinking as my wish was written clearly all over my face! " Now that's an "aw" moment:)

Love our engagement photo-shoot pictures by our all time favorite Jessica Ahrens Photography:)


I am pretty sure she was one of the reasons we decided to get married in Buffalo:)

I think we attract the cold or some sort of weird weather during all our photo shoots. I can still feel the chill that ran down my spine as we lay on the freezing granite at Forest Lawn in Buffalo's cold November! Proud that we managed to sport a smile and look (oh well) somewhat romantic:)

Little cities like Buffalo have so many hidden 'treasure' spots. Of course everyone comes to Buffalo to see the wondrous Niagara Falls...but there is so much more to this city that keeps bringing us back all the time:)

Have yourself a wonderful week ahead:) And let's just say take your time to be mindful, to look around and appreciate the beauty that surrounds you!