Here's a little something about the inspiration behind this blog. Life is beautiful:) Every experience has something to teach. Every milestone needs to be celebrated. Somewhere deep down inside us lives the fear that this amazing life will pass us by and we won't remember it in all it's glory. We want to remember and celebrate all of it. We want to giggle as we reminisce the good old times...cry when we think of times that were rough! This is our little effort together to APPRECIATE, CELEBRATE, and CHERISH LIFE....Welcome to our 'PROJECT LIFE' !

This is a blog about letting your imagination soar (IMAGINE), creating magic in life (CREATE), living life to the fullest (LIVE), and finding a reason to laugh (LAUGH). In our little corner, you will find loads of visual treats and unique posts about the following:









Now time to meet your very own Yin and Yang!

Meet Yin:

·         Busy body

·         Curious

·         Planner

·         Live wire

·         Chatterbox

·         Photo crazy

·         Horrible sense of direction

·         Adventurous and a little crazy

·         Nature lover

·         Night Owl

·         Gregarious



·         Calm (er) (than Yin)

·         Inquisitive

·         Executer

·         Early Bird

·         Active Listener (except when multi-tasking)

·         Poser

·         Well oriented with a sense of direction (what would Yin do without Yang?)

·         Cautiously adventurous

·         Lover of nature, wildlife, and off the grid communities (well that’s a first)

·         Social