Adirondacks Adventures

The Adirondacks- a true treasure that New Yorkers can proudly boast about. Yin & Yang set out on a 3-day journey to explore a very small portion of the 6 million acres of magnificence that this area has to offer! It goes without saying that we need to take our travelling toes back soon enough to discover more of this amazing landscape.

Check out our blog below to view a snapshot of our travels to the Lake Placid Region of the Adirondacks :) We found the official website listed below super helpful with great planning resources.

Day 1- Driving and RESORT Check In

We set out on a road trip from Buffalo, NY, and leisurely made our way through a six to seven hour drive, while enjoying each other's company, eating delish (screams unhealthy!!!) snacks, and taking in the beautiful scenery along the way. We chose to explore the Lake Placid region during our first trip to this area since it seemed like it would give us the best bang for our buck. Of course, as reviews rightly say, other areas of the Adirondacks are equally breath-taking and totally worth exploring.


Oh what a pleasure it was to stay at the lovely Hungry Trout Resort! Cozy rooms…elegant restaurant on site…a pool to relax…and a tiny waterfall in the backyard! What more could you ask for? 

After a long driving day, we spent the evening walking on the peaceful resort property and hanging around the Flume Falls overlook. We grabbed a tasty bite at R.F. Mc Dougall's Pub the resort and then called it an early night!

Day 2- Ausable Chasm

We ate a stomach full breakfast fit for champions at the "Downtown Diner", a 50 year old local treasure, serving yummy home-style breakfast. You can taste the freshness in their bread and that butter...ooooo....(take us back....please) !!!

If you are in search of an action packed adventure, Ausable Chasm is the place to be. Known as the Grand Canyon of the Adirondacks, this 40 minute drive from our resort was definitely worth it.

We signed up for a 50$ premium adventure package which included a variety of adventures to satisfy our thirsty souls (lol!). We had no idea what to expect....but as always, were super excited to embrace the madness ahead of us!

Adventure 1- Cargo Net Climb

Working those limbs like a boss! Lol!

Adventure 2- Zip Lining across the beautiful waters of the chasm! Woo!

Adventure 3- Thrilling Edge Walks and Cable Bridge Crossing!!!

A true test of our balance skills (or lack of...ha ha ha)!

Adventure 4- Tubing through the waters of the Ausable Chasm!

If you survived the adventure trail, this is your last stop...put your legs up and relax as the waters carry you away!

Say cheese! What is a tubing adventure without that selfie moment?

Day 3- WhiteFace Mountain

We drove up to a look out point and parked our car at the visitor's parking area. There is a man made passage within the mountain that makes for a short trek to get to the beauty you see below! So much much beauty!

We were sad indeed to leave the Adirondacks mountains behind us as we made our way back. But hey...goodbyes pave the path for more excitement and adventures ahead!!! Stay tuned for more goodies in our 'Treasures of New York' series!