My Beauty Getting Hitched!

We couldn't be happier to share in the joys of our bestie's much-awaited wedding! This is THE event of the year and we are smiling and jumping with glee as we countdown to her big day this week. As we embrace nature's beauty with the plentiful Spring showers and pretty floral blooms, prepare yourself for some extra beauty on our blog this week as this stunning bride-to-be shows off her Spring wedding glow! Get set to Pintrest away to steal some inspiration from this Hawaiian Beach themed bridal shower!


Crushing over Priyanka's princess style ivory dress with a pop of color from the elegant floral print in pink and blue. Her tierra added a divine touch! And those red in love:)


The bride's family hosted a happy shower for her at the majestic Park Country Club in Buffalo, NY. The bride wore her nostalgic Buffalo pride as she mixed and mingled with her excited friends and family!

We enjoyed quite the spread of treats while all the ladies joined in the fun, frolic, and madness of the competitive shower games, trying to mark the event with their victory streak :)

Totally in love with all the special touches and thoughtful elements including the artsy floral vases put together by the bride and her sister, the fun jenga message blocks, and cute photos of the couple. The bride's mom ordered cookies custom made as a mini replica of the bride's dress. 10 brownie points for attention to detail!

Oggle away at this cretative beach themed cake custom made by Dessert Deli. Highly recommend them for local events in the Buffalo area. Super professional and finger licking delicious cakes!

I can't believe she's tying the knot already! Where did the past couple of months go? Showing off my Hawaaiian Lei and this gorgeous bride...all in one frame!

Random thought- we could be the poster children for Michael Jackson's "Doesn't matter if you're black or white"...yaaasss!!!






Yang and I wanted to take this opportunity to do something creative and super special for our dearest! We partnered up with the awesome sister of the bride to come up with a fun photo wall idea with props to match their Hawaiian beach theme. Take a peek!

We decided to go with a shade of teal blue for the water background, painted on stiff poster boards. Added some flowers to incorporate the Hawaiian lei feel and some colorful shells for a pop of vibrant hues!

** Craft tip: To make the sea shells, fold craft paper like a fan; cut the edges so they become rounded; open it up to show off the frills, and tie off the edges...Voila!

Gotta love all the love and happy smiles! I must say...the sister of the bride and I are photo booth champs! Such creative expressions!

And what's a photo booth without some goofy clicks and many laughs with the bride to be! Making memories all the way:)

We ordered fun photo booth props from Amazon (click on the hyperlink for details). Excellent quality with something exciting for everyone :) The bride and her family included these super pretty ethnic umbrellas that added a special charm.

Don't miss to check out these celebrity siblings bringing on their A game!

Aw...Priyanka wouldn't miss the opportunity to include her prince charming in her shower :)

Time to pop champagne and party it up in T-3 days! Whoa!!!

May the festivities begin!!!

Sending much love and tight hugs from Yin & Yang!



Photo Credit: Sandra Arianna Photography, Buffalo, NY