A celebration of life with our favorites

My amazing grandmother, “Ammama” as we like to call her affectionately, hit the big 80 this August and celebrated her milestone birthday with her near and dear ones. Her dynamic and energetic personality keeps us all on our toes. She never ceases to amaze us with her curiosity and undying passion. She’s always ahead of the game and definitely ahead of her generation! When I grow old, I want to be just like her.

We wanted to do something extra special for my grandma. As you probably know, Yang and I never lose an opportunity to take on creative projects together. I had a vision to create a fun photo booth to capture happy clicks with our family. We worked together to make our vision a reality!

We conceptualized an ‘Eternal Garden of Youth’ photo-booth for my youthful Ammama. So excited to share our artsy project and lovely fam-jam clicks with you guys on this week’s blog!

We found our photo-booth inspiration on Pintrest and adapted the backdrop to suit our event.

We went on a witch hunt to find crates to lay the foundation of our photo-booth. Home Depot came to our rescue with their assortment of small and large crates to create the asymmetrical pattern that we envisioned.

We then bought a whole bunch of artificial flowers and vines from Dollarama. Ok- no kidding. You can find everything you ever need in your life at the dollar store…true story!

We wanted to add fun and quirky decor pieces inside the crates, alongside the flowers and vines. We bought garden decor accessories from Dollarama and they filled up the empty spaces in the crates so nicely!

Take a peek to see the clicks below.The vivid colors, pretty floral patterns, and happy smiles made the pictures (and our photo-booth) look that much nicer!

This mother-daughter love and chemistry! The look in their eyes is just priceless!

These candid clicks are my absolute favorite! Makes my heart so happy! Good times…

Tell us how you like our photo-booth idea?

We Would love to hear from all you creative souls :)