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As the years pass me by, I want my whole life to flash in front of me like a movie with vivid memories, like the story of an exciting book, each chapter creating a memory worth cherishing. One such happy weekend trip was our travel to Manitoulin Island and Tobermory in Northern Ontario. A long road trip with insightful conversations, great nature bonding, and a cozy off the grid accommodation- all the perfect ingredients for an amazing weekend!

As the summer draws to a close, many of you are probably scrambling to bask in every little bit of sunshine that is left. Do consider a weekend getaway to these beautiful locations in Northern Ontario surrounded by the Georgian Bay. 

Travel Route

We wanted to do a long road trip to get away from the madness of our urban lives. So we made our way on an 8 hour road journey around the Georgian Bay to Manitoulin Island, munching away on our stock of delicious snacks and treats. On our return journey, we embarked on a two and a half hour ferry ride from South Baymouth on Manitoulin Island to Tobermory. We explored Tobermory and the Bruce Peninsula during our day trip and then made our way back to Toronto.

Trip Duration

3 days and 2 nights

Best Time to Visit

During the summer months of June, July, and August, the sun's radiant rays cast a beautiful glare on the vibrant waters, bringing out the best hues that are definitely worth seeing. The first time I visited this stunning place, I found it hard to believe that all this beauty was so close to home in Ontario! This year, we traveled to the area during the Victoria day long weekend in May. I didn't know how to pack for our trip considering the erratic weather that we have had this year. I had my bathing suit on one hand and thankfully some warm layers as well. Our long weekend travel was clouded by rainy and chilly weather. We layered up, wore a wide smile, and made the best of our time...sigh!

Accommodation: Kicking Mule Ranch- Manitoulin Island

Our quest to find a unique and affordable accommodation lead us to this lucky Air BnB find. Who wouldn't want to stay in a renovated Blacksmith Shop on an charming farm! Our little cabin had the most perfect features: rustic well decorated interiors, a big sun roof to let loads of natural light in, a fancy red latch door, and a super cozy feel. We immediately fell in love with our little den!


Things to note: We had to bring our own bedding and were informed about this well in advance of our stay. The whole place runs on solar energy so we had to conserve energy and use technology wisely. The bathroom and shower house were located just outside our cabin. We were able to enjoy a hot shower to ward off the chilly weather!

We loved the outside of our cabin just as much as we loved the inside:)

Look we even made some animal friends:)

We lounged by the camp fire, ate a hearty home cooked meal, chit-chatted with other visiting travelers, and watched the night sky set in! Check out the light works outside our cabin- the dark sky filled with tiny LED lights that looked like sparkling fireflies!

Things to Do and see

1. Cup and Saucer Trail- This is one of the most popular hikes at Manitoulin Island. It is the Manitoulin extension of the Niagara Escarpment with towering cliffs. Unfortunately, during the time of our travel, this trail was closed. We didn't see any updates about the closure online, so may be this was temporary? We missed out, but if you are able to go, this could be a great addition to your itineraries.

2. Bridal Veil Falls- The weather was rainy and gloomy throughout most of our travel. But when it rains, it's a great time to visit the local waterfalls. We were quite excited to see the Bridal Veil falls on Manitoulin. Serene, plentiful, and so easily accessible from the parking lot!

The one memory that we will definitely take away from our hike at the Bridal Veil falls is the walk right behind the water falls! We took a chance and soaked up in the chilly waters as we passed the falls! So fun!

The hike through the park was truly refreshing and delightful!

Picture perfect scenery- looks like a postcard doesn't it?

3. Providence Bay Beach

Located about 40 minutes away from Bridal Veil Falls, this is a nice beach to laze around and enjoy a leisure stroll. Again, because of the weather, there weren't too many visitors when we landed here. But that made it perfect!

We had most of the beach, the sandy shores, and the soothing waters all to ourselves! Yay! Happy wanderlust for our travelling toes! Who said chilly days could not make for a good visit to the beach?


Wait...we're not done yet...special addition to our travel tales!

Go pro video edit- Journey Behind the Bridal Veil Falls

Tobermory Tales Coming up Next- Stay Tuned!


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