Blue-Green Boy Shower

We are (fortunately or unfortunately) at that stage in our lives when our Facebook news feed is flooded with two things: Pet posts about people's lives with their cats and dogs and/or Baby posts! Our dearest friends announced that a little baby boy was soon coming our way to lighten up our world with his smiles. How could we not celebrate this happy occasion? 

We decided to host a special shower for this awesome couple. The planning is that much more fun when you have a group of 'cool cats' ever ready to share in your madness and enthusiasm. Meet our Team Awesome for this happiness project:) Look at us showing off our color theme all the way! Focus in on our 'shower' photo shower...get it? :)

We took the planning to a whole different level, using every opportunity to show off our rusty craft skills. Special 'baby delivery' stork flew in with our package:) We added baby pics of the couple to the stork's parcel.

It must be something about the water in Michigan as all our besties there have recently been pregnant:) Loved these delish cupcakes by The Cupcake Station- Ann Arbor, Michigan. They were bang on (#onfleek) with incorporating our colors into the cupcakes for our decor! The cupcakes were so moist and the toppings were so tasty. I'm not usually a cupcake person, but was totally sold on these mini treats.

Also, check out the neat polka dot display of serviettes for dinner. We wrapped cutlery inside these polka dot beauties! 

Why gift a boring box of diapers for a shower when you can present diapers in so many creative ways! Behold our diaper cake and diaper truck!

I stumbled upon this super cute idea on Pintrest and it is so easy to make. Check out our adorable Diaper Babies, paired with items from our couple's registry. All it takes to make this is rolled diapers, some rubber band, and baby socks. You could add swaddle cloth to the mix if that's your thing!

And now for the big picture...loved the way this turned out!

Partners in crime...celebrating one milestone at a time!



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