Living Through Change and How

I closed my eyes and tried to visualize my “being” in the space around me. And although I tried hard to find my inner ZEN in that meditative moment, I could not help but feel overwhelmed because my mind was pushed over, swirled around, yanked from side to side, and drowned in the chaos of my everyday life. My mind, the hyperactive monkey that it usually is, was even more restless now, finding it terribly hard to cope while embracing the moment at hand. And if I may take the liberty to say so, I believe many of us are feeling this way. We are in this boat together- the boat that is trying to make its way through the rough waters of CHANGE.

Our present times are interesting. On the one hand, we are living through a wave of a dynamic political climate. The US elections, the historic Women’s’ March for rights on an international scale, anti-abortion laws, hateful political campaigns, racial profiling, discriminatory treatment of the LGBTQ community, and the list goes on. The struggle is real as we are trying to accept difference of opinions from a level-headed standpoint, while trying to find hope in our nation’s leaders. On the other hand, each and everyone of us is dealing with our own share of challenges in our journey of life. Trust me, everyone has their fair share of issues- work-life balance difficulties, tight deadlines, family, friends, illness, loss of a loved one, weather, traffic, rising costs, credit card bills, immigration issues, etc. etc. Jeez- growing up is NOT easy! If you try to consume all of these treats together on your daily meal platter, you will definitely be left with a bitter taste in your mouth!

And so the big question- How do you embrace change in your everyday chaos? How do you find your “ZEN” or anything close to that in the midst of all this uncertainty? The question is not an easy one and I’m not sure that any of us have the perfect equation to answer this.

Nevertheless, I would like to give you some food for thought. I read these wise words in a little booklet a few months ago and these words written by a pious saint really resonated with me: “Change is the Changeless Law of the Universe”. Change is infact inevitable. In life's journey, we take on many different roles. Our roles will and should change. However, remember that YOU are changeless. Know about yourself and develop knowledge about who you are. That is a steady truth that always stays the same. As long as you remember that you are who you are and you are ‘changeless’, the changing roles in life will become a beauty and you will be more open to embracing uncertainty and change.

If you take a few minutes to reflect on life, you will probably identify the times that you had to deal with change in some role and capacity. While reminiscing about the past, you may find a reason to smile as you recall emerging triumphant from those turbulent periods of uncertainty. Remember, "...even this will pass" and good times will follow. If you are not liking something in your present, try to see it as an opportunity for something wonderful that is about to happen in your future! This is a difficult frame of mind to develop, something that I am trying to work on every single day.

So lovelies...stay grounded as you are the changeless truth of the universe. The rest will follow suit! Stay blessed and don't forget to put on your 'A' game as you get ready to take on this world!

You got this....we got this!