Gift an Experience

Our generation is definitely one that seeks out experiences more than tangible gifts, or at least this trend is becoming more popular these days. If the adventure bug in you wants to share the joys with others, why not gift your lovelies an experience of a lifetime! Of course, when it comes to spreading the adventure virus, we are always ahead of the game. Here's putting some thought bubbles in your head for #adventuregoals.

Learn to Fly a Plane

Let me introduce you to an all time favorite website that has the coolest experience gifts ever! offers the most awesome experience gifts in different cities and countries! I gifted Yang a 'flight lesson' through this website a few years ago. He has a weird love-hate relationship with planes. I took a chance on this one and hoped he would love the experience of learning to fly a plane. You basically show up at a small flight center and meet with the pilot. He takes you on board a small plane and does a live flight flying lesson with you...yes you actually fly the plane and he lets you take control at different points. You can also take a guest on board with you. So I was a part of all of Yang's excitement throughout. The whole experience lasted for an hour and a half or so. Of course the activity is weather dependent. 


Paint Ball Madness

Although majority of the folks I've spoken to are too afraid to try this out, let me assure you that it doesn't really hurt as much as people say it does! Well if your good at being stealthy and camouflaging like a NINJA (lol), you can surely escape most direct hits! Drag your besties along for an awesome group bonding experience.

We tried an outdoor paintball game in Michigan. Our theme play grounds included a run down old house, a forest, and a war zone. So much fun! Would definitely do it again. Check out team AWESOME below showing off their Paintball Swag!


Couple Adventure Gifts

Drag your partner in crime to one of these fun and thrilling experiences. Birthdays, anniversaries, these together whenever your heart desires! One adventure for every life milestone! We are still working on adding more to our list of to dos:)


Our first experience parasailing at Key west, Miami. Our friends treated us to this to celebrate our Jack & Jill! You get the best of both elements of air and water as the winds swoop you away and you splash happily in the water!

Jet Skiing

Our fun Jack and Jill adventure package also included an amazing Jet Skiing experience. Check us out riding the waves!

Sky Diving

And if you haven't heard me brag enough already (#followourblog) about my kickass 30th birthday, well here it is again! Jumped off a plane together like a boss and loved it all...Woo! An expensive gift, but a priceless experience of a lifetime! 

Hot Air Balloon Rides

If you are looking for a calmer and smoother sail through the air to enjoy a picturesque view of mother nature, highly recommend a romantic hot air balloon ride!

Speaking of hot air balloons and gifting experiences, check out our besties on a hot air balloon in Cappadocia, Turkey! He proposed to her in the moment! (#proposalgoals).

Horse Riding

I believe there is nothing more awesome than connecting with the wilderness...wherever! Yang and I went on a short horse riding trip for his birthday with Highland Outfitters. We came across these folks while exploring the Highland Forest region in New York. Would totally recommend the Highland Outfitters to anyone looking for someone great to ride with. The instructor was so friendly and they even refunded a portion of our money as we finished our ride faster than expected. A nice relaxing activity.

As the famous quote goes, "Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our BREATH AWAY". These deep words hang in a plaque over our study desk, reminding us everyday to cherish and live life to the fullest, enjoying every moment!

And on that note, here's wishing you happy experiences of a lifetime!