The Pursuit of Happiness

We are no 'Happiness Gurus' and have no secret mantra. But we sure can tell you a thing or two about keeping your mind and body in the 'happy space'. Inspired by the experts that advocate for mindfulness as well as authors and psychologists that promote happiness projects, here's our take on some ways to find the 'Happier You' :)

1. Make time for 'ME' time

It's very easy to get consumed in the day to day craziness of life. We are often running a race without a finish line and it's natural to get overwhelmed. In the midst of the daily chaos, find time to do something for yourself, some alone time to refocus your energy on you. And if your hot shower is the only free time you have, then focus on yourself in that moment, without letting your brain get clouded by a 100 distractions. 

2. HUMOUR is a good thing

The human brain remembers things that are emotionally salient. This could include both extremes- things that make you happy or things that leave a bitter taste in your mouth. A little daily humour can help you make those positive connections in your brain. Don't be afraid to goof around and have fun! Check out our obsession with Snapchat filters:)

3. Connect with NATURE

NATURE time is an absolute MUST in our lives. Take a stroll in the outdoors, breathe in the fresh air of the mountains, ponder over a clear blue lake, gaze at the dark starry skies, snorkel to explore the wonders of the underwater what makes you happy. 

4. Appreciate the LITTLE THINGS

Open your eyes to the little bundles of joy around you. Good things come in small packages!


Say something nice to make someone's day.

6. Unleash your CREATIVITY

Get those creative juices flowing through your brain and do something that excites you. Those moments spent in making something wonderful are a way to escape the world! 

7. Treasure the PAST

Make time to reminisce about the past. When I open up old albums to glance through pictures of our childhood days, fun times in university, family events, and life milestones, it invariably puts a big smile on my face, in addition to making a great conversation with loved ones.

8. Learn a NEW SKILL

Whether you want to pursue a creative interest, learn a new language (my goal for the year), learn how to cook a new cuisine, or even learn to change your car tires, challenge yourself to grow by learning a new skill. Success earned by acing a new skill will open the doors to a happier 'you'!

9. DO something FOR OTHERS

Share a piece of the awesome you with the world! Volunteering your time or doing something for a cause is the most rewarding experience ever. I have some ambitious volunteering goals for this year that I will talk about as the year unfolds! I must however share how my amazing friends joined me in the initiative to raise awareness about mental health by staying up all night for a fundraising drive called 'One Brave Night' in support for mental illness. We raised a whooping $1,546! Proud feeling:)

10. Step Outside your COMFORT ZONE

Whatever that may mean to something different from your usual to stir up some excitement in your life!


We are strong advocates for this mantra! Celebrate those special life moments. Don't let life pass you by while you fret about the mindless details that really don't matter in the big picture of things. Make your mark as you move through each chapter of life!