Robert Treman Park & Lake Seneca harbor

If you haven't heard enough already about our love for the Finger Lakes region of NY, don't forget to check out part-1 of this series:) Our trip to the Finger Lakes this summer brought back so many precious memories of our years here together.

Of course, we are always mesmerized by the beauty of the landscape here. However, what really stood out during our trip was the ever-changing nature of the landscape and waters. The Finger Lakes area is a waterfall hunter's heavenly abode. You get to see a variety of waterfalls to satisfy all your cravings! 

Me with the falls at Robert Treman Park in 2012/2013

One of our all time favorite falls in this region is the one at Robert Treman ParkOggle away at the image of the painting like waterfall behind me...view of what it looked like in 2012/2013.  

During our visit, the falls in this area were running low on water due to drought this year. Also, we had a milder winter last year and hence there was not enough melting snow to feed these thirsty falls. 

This summer, while I was trying to immerse myself in the moment and appreciate the beauty that lay before me, my mind could not help but reflect on the change. I guess in my head I was drawing a strong analogy to our own lives and the many changes over the years. Deep in thought, my pensive reflections resounded the words "Change is the changeless law of the universe!". So true and so hard to accept.

Well apart from the fact that the waterfalls were so bleak and devoid of their lush youthful waters this year, they were not spared by the claws of human commercialization. While the area prides itself of a swimming area right under the falls, I do really miss the natural beauty as it was a few years ago! What are your thoughts? 

Seneca Lake Harbor Front

We made our way to the harbor front on a lazy summer afternoon and were welcomed by more beauty:)

The quaint little town in the area has some blissful eye candy!

On your way to the boardwalk at the harbor front, don't forget to stop by the fortune teller machine to reveal deep secrets of what lies ahead!

Oh this beautiful view and the serene waters...sigh!

All smiles...cause these waters make me so happy:)

Until next time lake Seneca...try not to change! We love you.."just the way you are" (#Brunomars).

Random thought....the world is a better place because of Tim Hortons:)

What are we going to be up to next? Stay tuned for "Fearless Friday"!