Watkins Glen

This week, we bring you tales from a land that has a very special place in our hearts. We have so many happy memories attached to the Finger Lakes of New York. When we created our wedding website last year, Yang recounted our Finger Lakes story and how we began our journey together here. Feels like yesterday...where did the past six years fly by? Check out the snippet below!

Well that's a real life Bollywood tale for you:) I guess if you wish upon a shooting star, your dreams do come true? Touch wood!!!

Our very first visit to the lake Seneca region of the Finger Lakes was a surprise for Yang’s birthday during our student days. Soon after, our chemistry was inevitable (#sleezealert! ). Ever since then, we've always made it a point to visit this beautiful area at least once a year in the Summer or Fall time. The beauty of the landscape, the gorges, cliffs, waterfalls, and breath of fresh air...we just have to keep coming back! A true “Treasure of New York”!

This year we decided to take Yang's sister along to visit the area and share our undying love for the Finger Lakes. There's always a sense of pride in showing off this beauty:)

Watkins Glen

Watkins Glen State Park is the most famous park among the Finger Lakes parks, with its positive reputation of leaving it's visitors spell bound! Located in the village of Watkins Glen, this park is one to add to your travel list for sure. 

Watkins Glen is a nature lovers dream paradise! To  get the best views of the beautiful gorges and waterfalls, we suggest the Gorge Trail which is an easy hike on a paved staircase trail. We usually spend a couple of hours on this trail to take in all the beauty and to do justice to our time spent here.

It can get pretty crowded during the peak summer months, but if you can ignore the humans around you and just focus on mother nature's beauty, you will be quite happy! The other option of course is to go at non-peak times to take in the awesomeness while finding your quiet zen moment!

Check out the beautiful Cavern Cascade Falls. You can walk right under these falls and feel the freezing fresh water!

Taking time along the way to appreciate nature's wonders and making time for some SLR experiments! :)

Nature has all these beautiful patterns! You just need to keep an eye open to notice and appreciate!

Posing over the Central Cascade Bridge- Team pow wow!

The waterfalls at Watkins Glen have a stair case like pattern. Check this out!

And of course there is always time for a selfie! 

This year, due to drought conditions in the area, the waterfalls are not as full and flowy as they usually are. We were surprised to see some other falls in neighboring areas. So bleak and devoid of water!

Trying to capture this awesomeness in real time! Little justice done though...

Showing off my new Old Navy hiking sweatshirt!

Posers :)

All in all, it took us about 2 hours to make our way to the end of the Gorge trail. But that's because we took our time, posed, clicked, and walked leisurely! We decided to take the less crowded Indian trail on our way back...and so glad we did.  Look who we found busily knocking away at the trees! What a pleasant sighting of woodpeckers in the area...Loved ogling away at these amazing creatures hard at work!

Stay tuned for more adventures from our Finger Lakes weekend getaway! Sneak peek...