Wedding Tales

We promised to make every effort to celebrate life! We hit the celebration JACKPOT this year with the majority of our besties tying the knot! More weddings...more beauty...more smiles! Woo! What a beautiful kick start to this year with our lovely Chapa and Andrew's wedding in Sri Lanka. We were bummed at not being able to make it in person. But when this amazing couple returned from the glittering land of divinity, we were left dumbstruck with their swoon-worthy images...take a peek and ogle leisurely :)

My personal favorites from this gorgeous affair: The majestic ethnic temple in their photos; the look-alike cut outs of the couple on their wedding stationary including invitation and wedding favor cake box; the golden mini-pots with the mystic fog; and of course the lovely couple:)

Here's my pretty best friend recounting her wedding planning days: 

"My dream wedding vision has always been simple, yet elegant. Coral and blush pinks, dull gold, and ivory have always been my personal classy favorites. We planned every detail of the wedding, whether it be decor or outfits to match this beautiful color palette. 

I've always thought that brides in almost every culture look so beautiful because they are a true & unique reflection of their culture & traditions. A bride's unique beauty never ceases to amaze me. Being Sri Lankan, I absolutely loved the look of the traditional Sri Lankan bride and although I had my reservations about whether the look would suit me, I was too much in love with the beauty of this traditional attire to let go of it. A traditional Sri Lankan bride wears the "Osari" or the "Kandyan" saree - a typical saree but with a series of pleats at the hip.The bridal saree is off white or white (sometimes champagne) & filled with a lot of gold or silver embroidery detail, which really adds to a simple yet elegant look. A "Kandyan" bride also adorns herself with 7 necklaces and a headpeice called the "nalalpatiya". Her head dressing is adorned with two small ornaments in the shape of the the sun and moon, symbolizing eternity and a wish to achieve a satisfying and long lasting marriage. 

There aren't many online blogs with information on Sri Lankan weddings. So whether it was finding wedding vendors or looking for outfits, it was quite challenging and going with our instincts was a daily activity when it came to planning our overseas wedding...sigh!

I also wanted a good combination of traditional and modern elements which we were able to incorporate beautifully into our wedding. 

My husband and I are both very  passionate about photography in general and getting the right photographer for our big day was the most deliberated item in our wedding planning checklist. We unanimously decided to hire Amarante Lifestyle Studiosone of the best in the industry, with a flair for capturing candid images. 

All in all, our wedding was exactly how we envisioned it. It had the right colors, the right feel, the best people to capture it, and the best people in it with us throughout:) It was hard work, but everything paid off in the end and I can truly say that we did have our dream Big Fat Sri- Lankan wedding!

Wedding Vendor Credits: 

Wedding Venue: Taj Samudra Hotel, Colombo, Sri Lanka

Photography: Amarante Lifestyle Studios

Outfit & Hair: Roshan Hettiarachchi

Wedding Decor: 90 F weddings