Well hello 'Grandma' & 'Grandpa'

With a wide smile on our faces and love in our hearts, we are sharing this week’s blog post. While the blog was meant to be a Halloween centered post, the timing coincided with our wedding anniversary week. So hop on board our time capsule as we take a leap of faith together and jump right into the future!

Halloween has become one of our favorite annual traditions. We love to put on our creative hats to come up with crazy dress up ideas every year. This is something that we have done together since our university days and this year was no different.

In the midst of our amazing October travels and fun-filled festive weekends, we squeezed out some time to adopt a new look and humor each other.

We needed something that was quick, easy, and inexpensive. I had an eye on a dress in my wardrobe that I knew could be used to create an old, dated, and classic look. Yang borrowed a V-neck sweater from our super cute 80-year old neighbour who was thrilled with our idea!

A visit to Value Village, my favorite Halloween store, helped us bring our idea to life. I wore an old lady wig and Yang dabbed on lots of white face paint all over his hair to add on to his greys :)

We made exaggerated facial expressions to enhance all the lines on our faces and drew them out with a brown makeup pencil for our wrinkled looks.

Believe it or not, we went out to a Halloween party looking like this!

The photo below cracks me up every time I look at it. I hope Yang continues to be the cheerful goofball that he is and doesn’t turn into an old grump with time! Lol!

I can’t tell if he was playing his part very seriously or became morose at the thought of going out dressed like this?

On the days that I need a good laugh, I will surely turn to this blog and laugh my heart away! May be one day when we are truly old, we can wear our happy spirits and redo this shoot?

Anniversary Reflections

We are celebrating our third wedding anniversary this week. We can’t believe how fast time has flown! We feel so lucky to be together and to cherish so many milestones over the years. On our anniversary, we will remember our wedding vows and reminisce all the good times that we have spent together. We will also remember our trials and tribulations that revealed the strength in our relationship and trust in each other. We’ve achieved so much together and this journey would not have been possible without our love, friendship, and our shared passion for life.

We promise to continue to be crazy, live life to the fullest, explore new lands, be curious, and to find a new reason to fall in love with each other every single day. Here’s three cheers to many more memories and growing old together :)