2018 in review

Another wonderful year has passed! It feels just like yesterday that we rang in a new year, firmed up those resolutions, and waited excitedly for all the surprises that 2018 would have in store for us. Fast forward 365 days! Here we are…standing at the finish line of yet another year, reflecting on all the memories and lessons learned.

If I had to summarize our 2018 in one word, I would say it was a year of ‘stability’. We went on a roller coaster ride in 2017 with some challenging life experiences. So 2018 felt like a calmer year in comparison. We kept up our commitment to celebrating life and cherishing special milestones.

It feels amazing to reflect on the year that has passed. Here’s the best of our 2018!

Fam Jamming All the Way

Milestone birthdays, lots of traditional dress up, and fun gatherings with our loved ones. Family is everything!

Good times with the pack

Our year would not be complete without special memories with our nearest and dearest friends. We are truly blessed to have an amazing circle of loved ones. For those of you that we didn’t get to meet this year…no excuses in 2019!

finding happiness in travel

This is my favorite part of 2018:)

It feels great to have explored some local treasures in Canada. Blue Mountain, Muskoka, and Quebec…you made our hearts all warm and fuzzy!

We realized that you can find true beauty if you look with the right perspective and open your minds! Check out these stunning vistas at St. Louis, Missouri.

Picture perfect- like a painting on an easel!

Travel is not just about visiting pretty places and taking Instagram worthy pictures.

What we enjoy the most is the learning that goes with it. We felt so inspired by our visit to NASA at Houston, Texas. We highly recommend a visit if you are in the area. The curious geek in you will not leave disappointed.

Our travels to Norway and Jordan this year left us mesmerized.

The breezy fresh air, untouched beauty, magnificent landscapes, long nature drives, and cozy cabins of Norway will surely give us sweet dreams for a long time to come.

Jordan was a pure cultural retreat. The warm and friendly locals, soothing hot shai, brilliant monuments and heritage, and delicious food hit a 10/10 on all our travel wish lists!

Here’s a resolution for 2019- need to travel blog more and of course need to travel more, more, and more! We truly find our ‘happy place’ in our travel tales and we can’t wait to share amazing stories with you super soon!

Binge-watching ‘This is Us’

Our obsession with the feel good family drama ‘This is Us’ is no secret. 2018 had a lot of binge watching of this amazing TV series. In keeping with the feels of this show, we promised to love unconditionally and live wholeheartedly, spreading the good vibes.

We marked the end of the year with a cute photo shoot. Here’s a sneak peek. More to follow!

2019 we are ready for you

With eyes filled with hope and hearts filled with love,

With dreams and aspirations steering us forward,

With fingers crossed for great health and peace of mind,

With excitement to share the good times with our loved ones,

With patience to persevere through the tough times,

With a desire to do good and be a part of the bigger purpose…

2019- Bring it on…and bring it good!