A Milestone Baby

As much as you try to fight the tide of time and deny the (dare I say) "ageing" years, nature has its way of making you process time. One such milestone for our group of friends was the birth of our very first "group" baby! When our closest pals announced that they were 'pregnant', we were all obviously super excited for the happy couple. But this was a first in our group and we weren't quite sure how to play the roles of "aunties" and "uncles" just yet.

Celebrating the birth of this baby had to be special. After mustering up some courage, we decided to throw a 'baby shower'. If you know anything about Yin and Yang, we take our time to process life milestones and this was definitely a big one (even though it was our friends having a baby...ha ha). Our besties got together as 'Team Awesome' and set out on our first 'Baby Shower' mission. I distinctly remember my sweaty palms as I walked down Walmart's baby aisle to pick out diapers and onesies. I set up a conference call with other friends to calm my nerves. I dodged many weird looks from fellow shoppers wondering why the hell I was staring vacantly at diapers! (oh boy!).  Oh well...we made it through and successfully hosted our first fun baby shower in Michigan:) 

Our friends chose not to determine the sex of their little one and wanted to be surprised. We chose to go with a baby blue and pink colour palette for a gender neutral theme:)

What's a baby shower without yum cupcakes! Don't miss the little 'baby' themed decor pins on the cupcakes.

These were my absolute favorite...check out these cute little DIAPER BUDDIES!

Display of onesies...its like the heavens were sending a special delivery!

Giving the parents to be a heads up about the joys ahead! CAUTION diaper messages...little blurry, but you get the point:)

Momma and poppa bear did amazing and were such sports throughout the shower! We all loved every minute of planning this special day for them. Cheers to my partner in crime in this mission:)