Wedding Obsessions

Hosting our Big Fat Indian wedding in Nov 2015 gave us a legit platform to let our creativity loose while going on a project binge (Yay!). We met in Buffalo as students and went back to the land that united us to host a happy two-state wedding! Our besties and amazing families joined us in our madness to give us the memories of a lifetime. Weddings are fun. They are beautiful. I realized that they put you on a high 'EMO' mode as you cherish moments with all your loved ones :) Browse through our 'Wedding Sugar & Spice' tab if you are looking for some happy inspiration for your big day! 

After a year or so of planning, your wedding day will arrive and pass you by so quickly before you even realize it. The popular advise that we received from many was to process and enjoy the "moments". Priceless advise indeed. For those of you that are busy bodies like us, you will probably relate to the notion that after a big and hectic event like a wedding, you feel a real vacuum in your life. Some enjoy the calm and take the time to relax. But for some others (like me), this is the time to make a quick choice between letting the vacuum and calm drive you crazy or using the energy to engage in more fun life projects. Take a wild guess about my chosen path (#pooryang)!

Here are some ideas for fun post-wedding projects for the busybody couple:

1. Wedding Albums Designing

I must say this was one of the hardest tasks that we had to undertake post wedding. Your photographer will give you 3000-4000 something beautiful images that you can't get over. And then you are faced with the daunting task of selecting the best 100-200 images to be aired in your magical wedding album. Not fun! You will get so used to seeing and obsessing over your wedding images that you will remember the awkward angle of your hands, the sequence of your photo expressions, the jewellery designs of your wedding guests, and your mother's sniffing nose even in your sleep! We did not purchase our albums directly from our photographer and so we spent a few months scouting the market for the best wedding album vendors. If you know nothing about wedding albums, be prepared to be amazed with the amount of details this process involves! I've added some new words to my vocabulary including 'gilding', 'plexiglass', and 'fuji-matte'! I must say all the hardwork paid off. We landed an amazing and affordable vendor that created the most stunning wedding albums. We have already received so many compliments on this awesomeness:)

Thank you Inrivid Studios for our beautiful Italian Wedding Albums!

2. Wedding Magazine Photo Montage

How exciting is the fact that we got featured in a beautiful wedding magazine!!! Thank You Indian Weddings Mag for showcasing our special day and giving us such a beautiful memory! The photo montage was stunning:)

Don't forget to grab a copy of the Spring/May edition of this awesome magazine that has loads of great inspiration for your wedding!

3. 'Big Fat Indian Wedding' Online Blog

BIG FAT INDIAN WEDDING, a popular Indian wedding blog  gave us the opportunity to share our wedding tales and feature our beautiful wedding images on their blog page. Joys of the online blogging world!

Take the time to pen down your thoughts about your wedding and to share your experiences. You will be surprised by how much of a WEDDING EXPERT you turn into over your wedding planning year (gotta love tales of happy brides and perhaps not so happy grooms?).

4. Instagram Madness- Wedding Sutra Feature

Obsessed with Instagram? Share a sweet memory with an Insta page that you follow:) Wedding Sutra shared this engagement photo of ours on their Instagram and Facebook page. A little bit of happiness in some Insta airtime:)


And if the above ideas fail to keep you on your toes....well then start a LIFESTYLE BLOG and spread some smiles and inspiration:) Sound vaguely familiar dearest? :)