A Royal Romantic Retreat

If serene waters, castles, knights, trap doors, secret passageways, exquisite royal décor, and a touch of adventure doesn't get you excited, I don't know what will? Get ready to hop on our Yin-Yang time travel machine to experience a journey through the enchanting Thousand Islands of New York. A true treasure in New York State, rich in history, touristic vistas, and apparently a retreat for folks back in the 19th century.

These 1,800 Islands, spanning across the US and Canadian borders, lodged on the beautiful St. Lawrence River, have so much more to them than just land and water. Located here is ‘Heart Island’, a heart shaped island that is a must see for us hopeless romantics!  The Boldt Castle built on this island stands tall as a true testament of one man’s love for his dearest. The grandiose yet cryptic Singer Castle has historic tales of its own on the mysterious Dark Island. We are super excited to share this segment with you:) 

Day 1- Boat Tour- Singer Castle and Boldt Castle

Accommodation: Quality Inn, Watertown

We hopped on Uncle Sam Boat Tours  from the Alexandria Bay area to begin our exploration of the islands. They offer many different packages, but we chose to do the Singer Castle Tour- Gold Route. This tour lets you explore Singer Castle on Dark Island. The cruise also stops at Boldt Castle at the end of the trip where you can pay an additional entrance fee to explore the castle. You will spend about 50$ per head.

Singer Castle

Built in the 19th century by Frederick Bourne, president of the Singer Sewing Machine Company, this property was developed as a “hunting lodge”. This mystic castle will satisfy all your childhood castle fantasies. From secret passageways, to dungeons, underground tunnels, and sliding book cases, you will see it all. 

 Who wouldn't be excited with vintage interiors like this? Care for a royal bath anyone?

Boldt Castle

George C. Boldt, owner of the renowned Waldorf Astoria Hotel in New York, sought out on his mission to build a grandiose mansion on Heart Island, as a symbol of his love for his dearest wife Louise. The castle was designed to be a six story landmark with 120 rooms, tunnels, a powerhouse, and Italian gardens. 300 artisans put their finest skill to work to erect Boldt Castle. 

In 1904, fate unleashed a true tragedy upon the Boldt family. Louise died suddenly from an ailment, leaving behind a heart-broken Boldt. He immediately suspended the work and abandoned the castle that stands tall to this date on Heart Island as a monument of his love. 

When you near Boldt Castle, you are welcomed by a majestic stone arch, that is supposed to be a formal entry to Heart Island from St. Lawrence River. 

On the island, you will see the Boldt Castle, the Power House, the Alster Tower, the Hennery, the Arch, and the stone gazebo entrance gateway. 

Spare a moment to take in the opulence and quaint royal décor. So pretty!

Inspiration for your bedroom anybody?

There’s hearts everywhere on the Boldt Castle property! What a true royal retreat!

If that didn't satisfy your travel cravings...stay tuned for more 1000 Island Adventures!