Because you are worth it...

Happy Women's Day to all you inspiring women! When I say "inspiring", I'm not just referring  to popular influencers that have a known name.

My call out is to each and every one of you amazing ladies:

Because you constantly wear many hats and play each role to the best of your ability!

Because you "Keep Calm" when all hell breaks lose!

Because you dare to stand out in a crowd that forces you to blend!

Because you play girl boss and leave your mark!

Because you fight your way to get to where you want to be!

Because you stand up for what is right!

Because you love selflessly like no one can! 

Because you rise above all body shaming stereotypes and remind yourself to love yourself!

Because you take time to do what you enjoy!

Because you dress well for yourself, without expecting the world to affirm!

Because you help to empower other women to chase their dreams!

Because you are self-sufficient and don't need a man to get you through!

Because time and again, you proved them wrong when they told you, "This is not something girls can do"!

Because you said "No" when you weren't ready! 

Because you asked for equal rights!

Because you brushed aside society's fake timelines about milestones you must achieve to conform with group standards!

Because you are worth every bit!

Celebrate your many successes today and everyday!!!