Fall Favorite- Halloween

As the leaves change color and fall to the ground and we begin to layer up to braze the cold months ahead, the skies get darker spreading the eerie feels of the season! Jack-o'-lanterns greet you at the entrance of spooky homes and ghostly figures dance to the tunes of the unusually calm winds! We put our creative brains to test to come up with innovative costumes to scare and impress, while stocking up on whole sale candy!

Halloween...a tradition that has become a part and parcel of our North-American lives. Over the years, this weird festive season has gripped us with its oddity and creative spin..and of course who doesn't love a reason to party? We go through our yearly Fright World tours and Buffalo, NY, has one of the best ones we've been to:) We've also done haunted ghost tours of the city in the past and would definitely recommend that to anyone who seeks joys in listening to spooky haunted tales that send a chill down your spines! This year we racked our brains to find budget friendly dress up themes. We wanted something super fun...and I personally wanted 'wigs'...because that is so!!!

After tossing and recycling many ideas, I remembered my childhood obsession with TROLLS! Big hair....colorful...playful...and fun! Bingo! Check us out below!

We came up with creative ways to troll up:) So when we did our initial search on the web for Troll wigs, they cost an easy 20$ to 30$. In a desperate search for cheaper options, I found Lady Gaga style funky wigs on eBay ($7 or so). We spent a messy afternoon with lots and lots of super glue to get our wig hair to stand against gravity (#powersofgorillaglue) and it worked...woohoo!


I dressed up as #excited 'Modern Girl' troll with a patterned crop top and mint green tulle skirt. I chose a contrast purple wig to go with the look:)

Yang wore his troll swag with his #macho 'Gruff Biker' troll look. Don't miss to check out his Movember 'Stache:) Hee hee!

What better joys in life than spreading the madness to create happy team gear? Yang's sister joined our troll family with her 'Disco Girl' troll look!

Serendipity at it's best...check out my accidental camera trick...AKA creepy troll effect?

And now for some POWER COUPLE clicks:)

I accidentally over trimmed Yang's red bangs...umm....but oh worked out ay? Can't complain? (#hehadnochoice)!

HoPe you had a blast this Halloween!