Wedding Memoirs

Has it been a year already? Where did our first married year go? As I write this post today recounting our special wedding memories, I can see so many beautiful moments flash before my eyes. This year has been super special in more than one way. To say the least, our bond and love has grown stronger. One year of marriage and six years of togetherness so far...and we are still learning more and more about each other every day...likes, dislikes, idiosyncrasies, fears, anxieties, love...all of it. The beauty is that I don't think we will ever know each other completely. And that's perfect! This process of discovering each other has been amazing and I'm sure this will continue in the years ahead.

On that happy note, oggle away at some of our favorite wedding moments and travel back in time with us as we recount one of the most special milestones in our life. Heads up...grab a cup of chai and tread leisurely (#zillionweddingclicks).

Day 1- Mehendi and Sangeet Masti

Filled with many special performances and happy clicks with our floral bike. This day was a great kick start to our wedding festivities!

Day 2- Pre-wedding Pooja and Haldi Ceremony

Don't miss to appreciate Yang's yellow Shrek glow above:)

Color coordinated in peacock blue!

Day 3- Wedding- Blend of Tamil and Gujarati awesomeness!

Getting ready and wearing our vintage swag!

First look at each other before tying the knot.

Culture mish-mash in coral and pinks for the Tamil ceremony!

Welcoming the groom through Tamil Kasi Yatra ritual.

Oonjal/swing ritual- promising to be with each other through life's ups and downs, signified by the to and fro movement of the swing.

All smiles from ear to ear! I never thought I would have so much fun during the solemn religious ceremony. Goofball bride= happy bride:)

Tying the knot...didn't know that mean't being entangled in so many strings, quite literally! Laughs...tears...and promises for a lifetime...Aw!

This groom seems too happy to escape with his bride! And the family of the bride were ecstatic to announce their "No return" policy! 

Some chick clicks outdoors. These pictures can be quite deceiving. As cozy and comfortable as we may look, we were freezing in Buffalo's chilly Fall weather! But can't complain...will do anything for good pictures ay?

Some soulful solos:)

So excited that we got to include some nature shots for our photo shoot! (#natureaddict).

Day 3- Reception

Finally time to let loose and party it up!

This was indeed an elegant bow-tie affair. 

Putting our best foot forward to dance the night away!

Thanks to Jessica Ahrens Photography, Buffalo, NY, for these Uh-MA-Zin clicks:) Cheers to many such beautiful years ahead.

"In our book of life, we will bind pages with faith, write memorable stories with love, and smile through every chapter" (#weddingvowsreference)