Canyon- Painting on Nature's Canvas

This is it guys. The last of our memorable Yellowstone series. We hope we were able to inspire you to take your travelling toes to the Wild Wild West- especially to Yellowstone National Park. Yellowstone truly is the gift of nature that keeps giving. If you haven't seen our last post yet, don't miss out! My highlight moment from part six was being stuck in the middle of a bison herd crossing during our evening journey , sending a wave of excitement and nervous thrills down our spines! Check out the hyperlink to see those tales and more. Don't miss to see the video at the end: Wild Wild West Part 6

But today, allow us to take you on a magical journey to the Yellowstone Canyon! Apart from the geyser and hot spring wonders of this region, this is THE reason why people visit Yellowstone National Park. A nature lover's dream and an artist's inspiration! The breath-taking views of the canyon, the waterfalls, and the Yellowstone River will make you feel like your life's travel goals have been satisfied! If you don't believe me, take a first look at this beauty!

The Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone is marked by it's vivid colors and dramatic landscape. The hidden hydrothermal features that blow puffs of hot steam through the canyon walls and the gushing waters of the Upper and Lower Falls of the Canyon give you a taste of nature's active forces that are busy at work here. Allow nature's aura to cast a spell on you as you stare away at this majestic beauty.

We parked close to the entrance of the North Rim Trail and began our expedition. We stopped to enjoy the views along the way as we hiked the rugged trail leisurely.

We passed by some lovely overlook points on the trail including the Grand View overlook. Once we completed our walk on the North Rim trail, we chose to take a short hike along the steep Red Rock Trail. This trail includes many steps and although it's a short hike of 0.6 Km/ 0.38 miles, you will feel the pain of climbing up and down this path as you attempt to survive the 500 feet incline. The views are worth all the gasping and panting though...promise! Can you spot the beautiful Lower Falls of the Yellowstone in the distance?

After the arduous hike, we ate a well deserved meal to our stomach's delight! We then decided to take on the Brink of Lower Falls Trail. Don't be fooled by the length of this trail. Similar to the Red Rock Trail, although it is only 3/8th of a mile, the 600 feet drop on a steep trail will give you the cardio workout you have been craving! 

You make your way through a steep stairway hike, sharing the pathway with a two-way traffic of fellow hikers. You finally reach a fantastic overlook point and the views from here cannot be described in words! On one side you feel the mist of the cold waters from the waterfall brush your face and on the other side, you witness God's spectacular work of art. I stood dazed trying to live in the moment and take in what lay before my amazed eyes!

My heart strongly believed that this was the gateway to heaven! This is where most of the amazing painting like images of the majestic Yellowstone Canyon and the Yellowstone River are taken by the pros.

The Brink of the Upper Falls trail was closed when we were at the park. We deiced to drive to one more point along the South Rim of the Canyon before heading back. Artist Point is supposed to be one of the most photographed frames of the Yellowstone. Views of the canyon flanking the sides and the beautiful Yellowstone river cutting through are dumbfounding to say the least!

We definitely did not feel like it, but we bid adieu to this gorgeous landscape that surrounded us and absolutely refreshed our souls! 

Until next time- Yellowstone- you have been VERY good to us. Feeling blessed and truly grateful!