Celebrating Love

This Valentines was special in more than one way. I know people say that LOVE has to be consistent, something that you embrace every single day. I completely agree! But there's something about this celebration of love on Valentines Day that is contagious! Here goes a short recap of our blissful Valentines weekend!

The sequence of events that took place this weekend is definitely worth sharing! It completely reinforced my belief in staying positive and looking for that silver lining on every cloud!

Well, on Friday, we were hit by a terrible snow storm in the GTA (#Canadian reference). As I peeked out of my office window, my hopes of driving over to Buffalo, NY, that night to spend the weekend with Yang kept waning. I was still optimistic that the snow would clear and if not on Friday, I could drive over early Saturday morning. To give those of you that don't know us some context, Yang and I are in a long-distance relationship. We live two hours away from each other in two different countries, basically close to the US-Canadian border. Hence, you can appreciate our longing for weekends together.

So I finished work at 6:00 pm and walked over to my car, dreading the process of clearing the heap of snow that had piled through the day on my car. I attempted to start my car and to my horror, I couldn't get it to work. I took a few deep breaths and continued to try. But alas, luck was not on my side and I soon came to terms with the fact that I needed help to jump start my car.

Thank goodness I was at my office's parking lot and not in the middle of the highway with this predicament! I ran indoors to stay warm as I tried to figure the logistics of getting home on a freezing winter day. Driving to Buffalo was out of the question for now. I tried not to think about all the canceled Valentines weekend plans, but I couldn't help but feel sorry for myself! I called roadside assistance and due to the bad weather, I was asked to wait for more than an hour before someone could come to my rescue. Long story short, at 9:00 pm, after three long hours of waiting, we figured that my car could not be jumped and needed to be towed away to a local garage. Not only were my Valentines plans ruined, I also didn't have a working car, which made the independent me feel like I was on crutches!

In the meantime, my friends and family that heard about the situation reached out with so much love! I felt so lucky to have many awesome influencers in my life and found a way to stay positive. I finally came to terms with what was and figured that I could always meet Yang the following weekend post-Valentines. I made my way home and was quite exhausted that night. I fell sound asleep on my couch! What followed next was the best thing ever! If you read this far, don't miss the climax ahead!

At 1 am, Yang called me on my landline and that is the one phone I never answer. I woke up dazed, wondering why someone was calling me on my landline so late at night. The I heard someone knock on my door and | truly believed that the spirits were out to get me. I mean, what else could it be? Considering the way my evening was going, anything was possible! Yang was on the phone with me and he asked me to open the door. I thought he had lost his mind and asked him to stop scaring me. He didn't have a valid visa to enter Canada as far as I knew and the chances of him showing up at my door were slim. I was scared as a chicken and finally mustered the courage to open the door. To my surprise and glee, there he was, waiting outside my door in the freezing cold. Yang worked his magic and showed up at my doorstep just like that. He showed up when I needed him the most and what followed after was a dreamy weekend together! Yay!

It's moments like this when I feel so blessed and super lucky! Six years later, I fondly remember the day he asked me out and the moment I said "Yes". As we share the years ahead together, it's moments and memories like these that will permeate our minds and remind us about the reason for us being together!

I could finally give Yang the gift hamper that I had made for him, with 'Lady Luck' waving her wand to fill his years with goodness:) But hey anything I did at this point could not beat his amazing surprise!

I included a lot of customized goodies for my beau. The hamper was themed 'All Things Lucky'. I personalized a Tim Hortons 'Roll Up the Rim to Win' cup with special messages and added a Tim Hortons gift card too!

Check out the 'Life Fund' mason jar that I included in the hamper with Irish coins for special St. Paddy's day luck:)

Every once so often, Yang likes to try his hand at the lottery. My 'Lucky' Valentines hamper would not be complete without a #lottery reference:) Also, the DIY soul in me could not resist the temptation to make fortune cookies with personalized fortunes- an idea that I snagged from Pintrest:) 

Our whole weekend involved a lot of eating and some serious food coma:) We devoured these yum Brownies that I made to satisfy our sweet cravings. I swooned over the beautiful Express dress that Yang gifted me:) Can't wait to wear this beauty!

Oh and not to forget, I treated myself to these cute little Buddha Buddies as well! More on this in our next post!

All in all, our weekend was one heck of a roller coaster emotion ride! I have come to understand that if you truly believe in positive things, the whole universe will conspire to make things work for you! Everything truly does happen for a reason. If you haven't already, take a few moments to tell your loved ones how much they mean to you and how much you love them!

Happy Happy Valentines Day!