Answering the ‘Why’ behind our Blog

Reflecting on the month that has passed and our Yin-Yang journey, it has been such a fun initiative and a great way for us to work together, share ideas, and collaborate. A lot of people have shown interest in our blog and many have come forth asking us the “whys” around this project.  While we may not have been quite so articulate in explaining our craziness, this is an effort to pen down our zillion thought bubbles in one place:)

In this day and age of social media, all the posts, text, and images seem like a social gimmick…a way to seek attention and tell everyone how great your life is. I assure you there is more to this randomness than what meets the eye. There’s supportive research (well I can’t help being a science geek!) and of course some good old life philosophy.

Well, bringing it back to my previous comment about “…telling people how great life is…”. Here’s a question to think about. Why not tell people how great your life is? We don’t think twice about grumbling and brooding about how terrible things are…how busy we are…how we have no time to connect with loved ones…the bills we have to pay…work-life balance issues…family problems…and so on and so forth. The list is endless. Each of us has our own journey. As much as it seems like some people have it all right, trust me they don’t. Is your glass half empty or half full? It’s all about the perspective Madame! Why not pause and re-focus on the positive so that this gives you a burst of energy and optimism to deal with the ‘not so positive’, yet growth-inducing challenges that come your way. Take the time to spread an infectious smile, get someone to appreciate beauty, and spark an interest in the God-gifted nature that surrounds us!

We personally LOVE social media. Having travelled and stayed in many lands, we have formed so many connections with people that ‘matter’ all over the world. Social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pintrest have helped us stay connected and in touch with each other’s lives. While the phone calls and letters were great back in the day, I guess we have to embrace the interaction styles of the Generation Next. The world has become such a small place today with the ease of being connected to those oceans and lands away. Our Yin-Yang initiative has opened up our doors to the oodles of talent and interest out there in Cyberspace. Weather it is a great local photographer in a land that we have travelled to or other bloggers and people with similar interest on Instagram…the connections are beyond great!

The nerd in me could not help but share this segment with interesting research to support life projects and better yet “happiness projects”. There is evidence to show that embracing novelty and challenge are keys to happiness, although they can make you uncomfortable and possibly frustrated at the onset. People who seek out novel experiences are happier than those who stay in a rut. I can vouch for this 100%. When I am forced to conform to the norm and stick to mundane routines, it drives me ‘peanuts’! It makes me irritable and I feel burnt out quite quickly. I lose interest in the human beings around me and prefer to spend the ‘blah’ hours alone. Participation in valued activities makes people learn skills, increase self-awareness, and build self-esteem. Woo!

My background in health care and my current role in improving the quality of service delivery to clients make it obligatory for me to document every interaction with patients. The words of a wise professor from grad school are quite etched in my head, “If you didn’t write it down, it didn’t happen”. So true! I’d like to extrapolate this concept to our daily lives because it makes so much sense. I feel that life is getting so busy and there are so many moments worth cherishing from day to day. Our mission is to use our blog as a platform to document life in its entirety. So when we are old (older…lol), we can go back to reminisce the moments that have passed…laugh, smile, cry, and hug!

So on that philosophical note…here’s leaving you with some stimulation to your brain! Do something for yourself…will you? Hop on your journey of self-discovery to embrace what you love doing the most…do this for yourself!

Love these inspirational words from 'The Help'! Say these to yourself and let the positive energy in these words resonate with you always...cause you are worth it!