This year, with my commitment to spend more time exploring my home city, I am carefully chalking out a list of my favorite local things to do. I came across an article in the Toronto Star mentioning the magnificent Cherry Blossom vista at High Park, Toronto. We definitely needed to check this out. So we went trekking around the park on our very first opportunity and were left smiling from ear to ear!

The Cherry Blossom trees, also known as the Japanese Sakura trees, are known for their beautiful blooms in hues of pink and white. They have a very short blooming period that lasts over the span of a week, depending on weather. The flowers have a sweet smell that adds to their grand display!

On the weekend, High park was filled with large crowds of people that flocked to view the cherry blossom trees and bask in the sunshine. The blooming trees are mostly located around Hillside Gardens. So make sure to check your maps before you head to High park, as there's loads of ground to cover in this vast park.

The trees had just started to bloom during our visit and its said that the vista only gets better over the week, as long as we don't have heavy rains to wash off the sprouting buds.

We saw this little buddy, busy at work around his vibrant bird house!

The joys in the little details!

I had no idea that High Park has a little zoo inside with an interesting variety of birds and animals including llamas, furry highland cattle, bison, and peacocks! And as you probably know that any place with animals makes us super happy:)

We spent a lovely afternoon bonding with the mother dearest and pulled her along to share our obsession with nature!

Don't miss to catch the beauty of these beautiful blooming trees in your neighborhood this week!