Our Alaska vacation was such a rollercoaster ride through nature’s mind blowing wonders. When we got to day nine and ten of our vacation, we were pretty bummed out as we knew we were getting close to the end of this journey, which meant time to return to our urban jungles. Who would have the heart to do that after spending two weeks in this divinity!

So with a “meh” feeling in our hearts, we set out on the Richardson Highway making our way back from McCarthy to Chitinia toward Valdez. When planning out our itinerary, we struggled to make a decision between Seward and Valdez. Due to time constraints, Valdez was more achievable and hey…no regrets at all about that! You’ll know just why when you open your ogling eyes to look at the images below. The mountains lined the sides of the highway and welcomed us as we drove through this roadway into God`s comforting lap!

The tall and majestic Chugach peaks towered high up into the sky blocking dodging clouds that were trying to pass by. The clouds looked like grand cotton balls strewn across the sky making a heavenly bed for us to take a snooze. We stood dumbstruck gazing at the 360 degree view around us. I remember taking a deep breath and thinking to my self, "This is what life is all about!". 

We caught beautiful glimpses of the Worthington glacier along the way. The temperature started warming up quite a bit as we got closer to Valdez. The snow covered peaks gleaned away as the sun shone on them to enhance their divine beauty.