If there's one reason we love our blog, it is because it has opened up our doors to a whole world of AWESOME. One night, as I lay on my bed lazily browsing Instagram and checking out the profiles of folks that had liked some of our recent posts, I came across 'Forever Eights'. I was quickly drawn to their blog  about their cute little Buddha Buddies and the connection was inevitable. For one thing, I have a 'not so secret' obsession with Buddha statues. For another, 'Forever Eights' has products that reflect everything we stand for- positive vibes, happiness, and finding your inner zen!

So of course, I had to have my very own Buddha Buddies and I ordered my four little munchkins almost immediately! I checked out the product website and the information was descriptive and well laid out. My parcel arrived in the mail with a timely well packaged delivery. Oh and did I mention...Forever Eights has free shipping worldwide...Woo!

These beautiful ceramic statues are about 3.5 inches tall and come in four different colors. Each statue has a different hand gesture that is symbolic. I stole this description about the significance of each hand gesture from the 'Forever Eights' website.  

Creamy White- Gesture of Prayer

Blue- Gesture of Enlightenment

Red- Gesture of Peace and Protection

Yellow- Gesture of Meditation

As you can tell, I am so excited about this wonderful addition to my home and have been raving about these statues to anyone that I meet. I went crazy over the weekend taking these photos of them and just couldn't resist sharing.

Check out these disciples seated in pattern, ready to spread their positivity. On a side note, this was my gift to self this Valentines #focusonself #bepositive #loveBuddha #selflove.

I'm sure these little Buddhas will make an amazing addition to your homes too. By the way, I have my eyes on their Buddha Chubbies next:)

These bundles of joy now sit on my accent table beside my tall Buddha from Pier One Imports, that was a housewarming gift to me. Find out more about gifting a Buddha statue on our blog post that we shared not too long ago: Gift Giving Joys

If you love what you see, stay tuned for an amazing limited-time offer on these lovelies, coming your way very soon!