We were so happy after day one of our travels in the Wild West, especially with our cultural treats from this region. But little did we know of the wonders that lay ahead of us! I mean if you've done your homework about Yellowstone National Park, you would know that this is a one of a kind national park that draws scores of people every year due to the major volcanic activity around here. But unless you actually go to the park, you have no idea what the words on the internet truly mean! You need to physically be at Yellowstone to see and believe the spectacles here. Absolutely dumbstruck at how ALIVE Mother Earth is!

Grand Teton National Park

Our first stop enroute to Yellowstone from Jackson was the Grand Tetons. If only we had an extra day or two, we would definitely spend more time here. Look at this view. We truly did not do justice to this park during our travels. Definitely need to bring our travelling toes back here super soon!

The Teton ranges rise abruptly from the Jackson Hole valley. The jagged irregular peaks and many canyons invited us to a gorgeous view on our way to Yellowstone. The calmness and serenity of these majestic ranges left us wanting more of this beauty. 

We paid a $50 fee to enter the park. However this fee was good for entry into Yellowstone park right after. So it worked out ok. 

Yang was clearly zapped by the view, so much that he lost his sense of orientation and was caught clicking pics of the barren land opposite the main mountain view...what?

Well, when we passed the Grand Teton ranges, we couldn't help but notice the dry grassy vegetation spread out across the vast lands. Later found out that the area is popular for Sagebrush Flats, the greyish green dry shrubs that cover most of the valley here. As we drove through the park, we got our first taste of mother nature's power! We saw forest fires blazing through patches of the park, burning trees and other vegetation effortlessly along the way. The whole experience was one of a kind and a good reminder of the dynamic nature of the forces of the elements around us!

We posed away one final time and then bid adieu to the Grand Tetons!