The joys of local travels

If you love traveling to new places, you need not go too far to enjoy a fun getaway! This summer, we visited the scenic area of Collingwood and Blue Mountain in southern Ontario with our family. We kicked off this summer season with some much-needed sun, leisurely strolls, and relaxing spa dates. Read on to uncover this gem of a location situated about an hour and a half away from the Greater Toronto Area.

I always thought of Blue Mountain as a ski resort that was popular with outdoor enthusiasts in the winter. Little did I know that it also makes for a lovely summer getaway. There is something in store for everyone here.


Living Stone Golf Resort

We loved our stay at this cozy hotel with great amenities. Our hotel was located conveniently in a quiet neighborhood that was only 10-15 minutes away from the busy Blue Mountain Village area. We had access to a gym, huge pool, and hot tub. The breakfast buffet with its delish omelette station at the Memories restaurant at our hotel was a definite bonus. 

As an alternative, you may chose to stay at one of the hotels or B & Bs right at Blue Mountain Village to enjoy the charm of the busy downtown square.


- The Memories Restaurant- Located inside the Living Stone Golf Resort; we really enjoyed our elaborate three course dinner meal at this lovely restaurant. Their soups, salads, and pizzas were so yummy!

- The Hungry SumoGreat Japanese food in a cozy setting. Good options available for vegetarians too.

- Tholos- We would suggest eating at this place to experience the fun vibe and beautiful ambience. The food was average and the wait felt long on a very busy Saturday evening. But the feels of the place made up for some of that :) 

Things to Do and See

1. Walk around Blue Mountain Village

The most popular thing to do at Collingwood is to head over to Blue Mountain Village which is the main touristy downtown square. The whole area is so charming- I was totally in my happy place here:) We hogged the giant Adirondack chair for some fun fam jam pictures. We strolled through the colorful neighborhood and soaked in the summer sun. We bought souvenir face masks to add on to our full proof wellness agenda for the weekend. 

Don't miss to go paddling around the little pond at the village. The smile on my mother's face as she got sprayed by the water fountain while paddling was priceless:)


2. Treat yourself to a spa evening

This was definitely the highlight of our trip. We booked a family spa date at the Living Shore Spa that was connected to our hotel. Our family of four signed up for the Aquapath- hydrotherapy session. I can't rave about this place enough. It was one of the best experiences that we have had as a family. We felt so rejuvenated and had a blast together. We had the whole place to ourselves during our private appointment, which was great. We rotated through the different water stations and hot tubs and were able to enjoy the experience at a relaxed pace. The soothing sound of the flowing water, the earthy feel of the place, and the lush natural greens made the ambience so lovely. We would highly recommend the Living Shore Spa if you are looking for ideas for a date night or a family bonding evening. 

Don't forget to relax in the pool and/or hot tub at your hotel. This made for great late night chat sessions and happy family smiles!

3. Take a Gondola and Scenic Cave Tour

During our short weekend, we didn't have a chance to do the gondola ride, walk the suspension bridge, or visit the caves at Blue Mountain. Trip Advisor reviews suggest that these are some pretty neat activities in the area. Our weekend focus was on relaxation and wellness. So for a change, we didn't go on this trip with an itinerary or to-do list. Our agenda was to relax and relax we did:)

4. Connect with Nature

The whole landscape of Collingwood is so picturesque with the clear waters of the Georgian Bay and the beautiful mountains alongside. There's many hiking and biking trails in the area for you to chose from. If you are in the mood for a laid back weekend, drive up to a lake and enjoy the beauty of the serene waters. I spent some much needed 'me' time with nature. So refreshing!

5. Nightlife

At night time, the streets of Blue Mountain village are bustling with activity. Music from the local bars and clubs add a hip vibe to the cobbled street square. The lively neighborhood fills with groups of people who are out to party and dance the night away!



Leaving you with these sunny clicks and fam jam smiles!


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